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Machine Learning Forex Trading Robot (Currently Invite Only) Machine Learning Forex Trading Robot


Lucky Dragon is an advanced machine learning trading algorithm that trades currencies. It was developed to give us as traders and investors a statistical edge to achieve long term profitability. The Lucky Dragon robot offers customizable risk so you can run your trading account exactly as you wish. Lucky Dragon can be deployed on any Metatrader 4 account and is compatible with almost any broker.

What makes us special

  • We trade with real money
  • Used to manage large numbers
  • Audited
  • Broker independent
  • FIFO friendly
  • Long term stable
  • Controlled Risk
  • Multiple modes to choose from
  • Fully automated solution
  • Active Community
  • And most importantly, this robot ACTUALLY MAKES MONEY


Would you like us to professionally manage Lucky Dragon for you? We offer managed accounts with top tier regulated brokers. The managed service also includes some other advanced proprietary trading strategies that we have developed to further boost the rate of return for our Managed clients. Contact us for details.



Mode One does not like taking balance losses. It does sustain periods of drawdown, however the amount of open drawdown is strictly limited, which prevents open positions from getting out of hand and causing a margin call. The trading frequency is not very high, but this system is quite stable and spread resistant, and will be a steady performer going into the future.


Mode Two is an active trader and places trades daily. It consistently makes returns and rarely has a losing month. It is spread dependent (usually 3 pips or less is ideal) and does require some common sense to avoid trading days that are unusually volatile (not a good idea to run this strategy during a Brexit vote). Overall, this system takes losses when needed while maintaining an excellent return on your investment.


For long term profitability, risk management is critical to protect your investment. Lucky Dragon has losing days just like any other trading strategy, so it is important to use a level of risk that you feel comfortable with. Lucky Dragon clearly defines the maximum amount of risk in the adjustable settings area of the Lucky Dragon robot. The Lucky Dragon strategy is quite stable, actually it's 15 years stable as shown on the backtests, however as responsible investors, we always need to error on the side of caution and protect our investment capital.

The Lucky Dragon subscription has three tiers depending on your budget and trading objectives. Contact us for further information.
Limited Subscription
  • Access to Mode 1
  • Includes 2 account licenses
  • Contact us for further details.
  • Contact form at the bottom of the page.
per year

Full Subscription
  • Access to both Mode 1 and Mode 2
  • Includes 3 account licenses
  • Contact us for further details.
  • Contact form at the bottom of the page.
per year

Unlocked Subscription
  • Access to both Mode 1 and Mode 2
  • Includes 3 account licenses
  • The Unlocked membership allows users to run customized levels of risk to achive higher performance, as well as access to the exclusive Unlocked Suite telegram group.
  • Contact us for further details.
  • Contact form at the bottom of the page.
per year

The Unlocked Subscription Suite

The Unlocked Subscription Suite is an exclusive Telegram group only available for members with the Unlocked license. This group is led by the architect and head programmer of Lucky Dragon. During the active trading hours of Lucky Dragon, we will share in real time our daily trading setup and suggested risk level for those who want to run the Dragon for blazing high profits. Trading with higher levels of risk is part art and part science, which is why this group is essential for real time communication between the people behind Lucky Dragon and our community.


As a member of Lucky Dragon, you will have access to our private Telegram channel where we keep in constant communication with our community members. We regularly update our members with recent developments and insights so our clients get the most out of their membership. In the end, the Lucky Dragon Project itself will be a reflection of our members experience. Your success is our priority.


Our goal for the Lucky Dragon project is to have a 100% member satisfaction rate, which is why we are standing by our trading software and offering a full refund if your live trading account is not profitable after 30 days of trading live with the Lucky Dragon. This guarantee applies to all new memberships but does not apply for trades placed manually, third party trading robots or excessive risk.


Does luck exist when trading?
No, unfortunately it does not. In order to trade successfully long term, you need to have a robust trading strategy and maintain a disciplined approach to risk management. This usually takes years of not only learning how to read the markets but how to manage your emotions as a trader. Fortunately for our members, Lucky Dragon is a cold, emotionless machine that automates this process. From a trader's perspective, our robot will appear to have luck, however it is actually the robust trading strategy Lucky Dragon uses with proper risk management that gives us our success.
Can I manual trade when Lucky Dragon is running?
Our goal is to give our members creative freedom to trade Lucky Dragon in the way       that suits them, which is why you are free to trade other strategies alongside Lucky Dragon. You can place manual trades, run other robots in tandem or have Lucky Dragon trade your account exclusively (usually the wisest option). The choice is in your hands and under your control.
Can you purchase additional live licenses?
Yes, each membership allows for up to 5 active live accounts. Additional live accounts can be purchased in the Members Area at a cost of $199.
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