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No, unfortunately it does not. In order to trade successfully long term, you need to have a robust trading strategy and maintain a disciplined approach to risk management. This usually takes years of not only learning how to read the markets but how to manage your emotions as a trader. Fortunately for our members, Lucky Dragon is a cold, emotionless machine that automates this process. From a trader’s perspective, our robot will appear to have “luck”, however it is actually the robust trading strategy Lucky Dragon uses with proper risk management that gives us our success.

Our goal is to give our members creative freedom to trade Lucky Dragon in the way that suits them, which is why you are free to trade other strategies alongside Lucky Dragon. You can place manual trades, run other robots in tandem or have Lucky Dragon trade your account exclusively (usually the wisest option). The choice is in your hands and under your control.

Yes, each membership allows for up to 5 active live accounts. Additional live accounts can be purchased in the Members Area at a cost of $199.

Yes, the cost is $349 to upgrade one membership class.

Yes it does, however not when using excessive risk (Reference Capital under $300).

If you already have your trading account funded you should be up and trading within a few hours (depending on how quickly we can add you live accounts to our license manager).

Yes, however you can only run one mode at a time (Mode 1 or 2 because of FIFO restrictions).

Yes, because of FIFO only one mode (mode 1 or 2) can be used at a time, however you can open two trading accounts with each running a distinct mode as a work around for FIFO restrictions.

No up front costs to join the MAM, however there is a 30% performance fee.

We recommend $1,000 as the minimum, however less can be used.

The only limiting factor will be the broker restricting order size. Other than that, there is no limit.

Yes, we are always available to assist our members.

Yes, just send a request and we will have it updated.

The name Lucky Dragon was inspired by the “Luck Dragon” in the 1984’s children movie The Neverending Story. Who doesn’t need a Luck Dragon?!?!

If you’re good at something, never do it for free. Jokes aside, we like being part of a community and feel it will open more doors for us than if we kept the tech to ourselves.

The awesomeness of the Unlocked Dragon’s Lair telegram group cannot be overstated. It’s a great place for risk junkies to congregate and push the Lucky Dragon to her trading limits.

It really comes down to personal preference. Mode 2 is more profitable but has losing months on occasion. Mode 1 is more consistent but generates significantly less trades. My feeling is mode 2 is more robust, but this is my personal preference. Check out the back-tests to form a better decision.

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